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bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 20:36:54 -0400
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> What I'd like to see is where in Emacs sources we examine the output
> we get from Diff, and where and why we err as to what EOL format
> should be used for decoding that output.

I don't know what you mean here.

> One possibility for this mistake might be that Diff produces
> inconsistent EOL format in its output, for example if Diff or its VC
> front-end outputs some headers that have Unix EOLs and then the actual
> diffs with DOS EOLs.

AFAICT, Reiner's situation is that he has a file with (consistent)
Unix-style EOLs, and "cvs diff <file>" on that file returns a diff using
(consistently) DOS-style EOLs.

Currently, VC reads diff's output using the coding-system used for the
file, which seems like a sane choice, but in the above case it leads to the
problem we've seen.


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