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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Export positions to GammOnLine format

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Export positions to GammOnLine format
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 20:46:31 +0000
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On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 12:54:38PM +0100, Ian Shaw wrote
> Position ID: c68LAgB2bzMAAA Match ID: UQmgACAAAAAA
> I exported this position to post on GOL, but it didn't quite work. The cube
> is with X so the central block on the right hand side should be empty.
> GnuBg uses <img src="../Images/c_ce_0.gif" alt="" /> 
> This doesn't appear as a valid graphic when posted.
> Greg Cattanach's GoFigure produces
> <IMG SRC=../Images/c_blank.gif WIDTH=24 HEIGHT=20>
> which does work.

I'll use c_center.gif for centered cube. This should be fixed now.

> The export may also be messing up images produced by GoFigure. View this
> post http://www.gammonline.com/members/board/config.cgi?read=38875
> with the message board preferences set to Guest-book style, threaded. A
> GoFigure board and a GnuBg are displayed on the same page, but the GoFigure
> board components are displayed one after another in series down the page.
> With the By Threads, Mixed setting, only one post is displayed at a time and
> the GoFigure board is OK. Of course, this may be a problem with GoFigure
> which has not been revealed due to the lack of other means of posting.

Sorry, I do not subscribe to GoL so I cannot view the thread.

> A few of other points:
> The title refers to red and black. They should be White and Blue,
> respectively. (The pip count gets this right.)

This should be fixed now.

> The big, bold fonts for Game Number and players/match score don't look right
> here. Can they be made normal size please?
> The two horizontal separators don't really need to be there. They break the
> post up with greater intensity than the separations between multiple posts.

Can you be more specific: is it only a problem for export to GoL or is
it a general problem? Is it only a problem for export of positions or is
it a general problem?

BTW, how do you export the output from gnubg into GoL? By copy'n'paste
of the board section?

> Is there a good reason for the W3 link buttons? They are non-bg related and
> it's not obvious what they are for.

To let people know that gnubg produces well-formed and validating xhtml
1.0. That is, we follow the standards set-up by W3C. The output
generated by Snowie 3.0 does *not* validate, thus, some browsers may have
problems rendering html files proceduced by Snowie. 


Joern Thyssen, PhD
Vendsysselgade 3, 3., DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
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