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[Bug-gnubg] Untranslated items

From: Petr Kadlec
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Untranslated items
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 19:41:20 +0100

Hi all!

I have a few of translation-related issues again.

First, a bit of good news: After all those problems with charset in typewrite-style text (sorry for the About bug...), gnubg is now able to display the analysis of the position in correct Czech! But, the news is not so good: the solution was to uninstall "OCR A Extended" font, which is a fixed-width font that does not have east-european charset. I made many attempts with various entries to gtkrc file, but, if the font is present, gnubg chooses it, whatever is in the gtkrc file. Without the font it works OK even without any gtkrc file. So that I removed the font for now, but if someone of you knows where the cause of the problem is, or what could be done to force gnubg not to choose the font, please, let me know.

2. To Jim Segrave: in an e-mail from 19.11., you wrote that you have fixed some untranslated strings. Well, I have checked it now, using both source code snapshot 20031203 and Windows build "031203 (build Dec 5 2003)" (quite strange name, isn't it :-o ). And the result is -- negative. All items are still untranslated. Have you committed the fixes to the CVS?

3. As my translation is practically done (I am just cleaning some doubtful terminology now), I would like to ask some general things:
Where/whom should I put/send the message file when I will have it done?
Is it possible to add an entry to the about box with something like "Translation: author <email>"? I mean, I don't need "a separate credit line", it just seems to me that it would be fine if users of the localized version knew where the bug reports should go. (I was thinking about adding such line into the translation of "With special thanks to:", separated by a newline, but is that acceptable?)

4. Some more untranslated items I have found:
474: "Gammon values at %d-away, %d-away (%d cube)\n\n"
484: "Player                          Gammon   BG\n"

first at 1119, more occurrences follow: " Player Opponent\n" "Position %12d %12d\n\n"
1227: "            "Mean\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t\t"
1242: "Std dev\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t\t"

2100,2102 aszVariations is not given to gettext, although it should be.

900: " cubeless equity %s\n"

With regards,
Petr Kadlec

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In my experience, the worst thing you can do to an important problem is discuss it. - Simon Gray (1936- )^Otherwised Engaged, 1975

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