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Re: Mercurial vs. git

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Mercurial vs. git
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 20:22:54 +0200
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Am Mittwoch, 23. September 2009 19:28:48 schrieb Shakthi Kannan:
> The 'index' is explicit in 'git', and it helps you to move between
> working directory and the local repository.

I know that it has its technical advantages, but from the UI side it is hard - 
too many things to remember when you're only a casual user. 

But many people like it that way, so it's likely a matter of taste. 
> Even if you don't remember the git diff options, you can always do
> 'git status' at any point of time to see your current state of the
> local repository, and the output is quite meaningful.

Jupp, looks nice :-) 

Still I'd have to remember which diff to use for finding out what I'll commit. 
After some time people will know that instinctively, but for a beginning user 
that's quite a hurdle - especially for people not used to the commandline. 

But that's how the current state is, and the basics are unlikely to change. 

It's not my taste of UI, but as far as I know it *is* consistent with itself. 

But Mercurial simply feels a lot more "elegant" to me. Less guru-adjusted and 
very good for newcomers. I don't *have to* understand what it does internally 
to be able to use it efficiently, and that's what I expect of a tool. 

Anyway, let's let the taste/religious/whatever issue down - git is a great 
tool and Mercurial is a great tool, and projects use whatever their members 
want. Both have their stable userbase (git the kernel and others, Mercurial 
Mozilla, Python and others) and both are likely to stay with us for a long 

And since Mercurial has a (mostly) transparent gateway between both (hg-git) 
which can push changes from Mercurial to git and get changes from git into 
Mercurial, you can always use your tool of choice, regardless of your projects 

Best wishes, 

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