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Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly do

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly don't have \version
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 17:21:02 +0100
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Masamichi Hosoda <address@hidden> writes:

>> Please submit git-formatted patches (including commit message) if
>> possible.
>> I pushed a fix to staging but could not make use of your patch.
> I'll try it in this weekend.
> Please wait few days.

No need to wait: as I said, I already pushed the fix myself.  Next time,
it would be nice if you provided a patch by calling "git format-patch".
That way, we get your commit message as well and the patch is pretty
sure to apply (using "git am" instead of "git apply") and you have less
trouble when rebasing your own branch on master since Git then
recognizes that the commit/patch is already there.

>> Are you actually working on GUB currently?  We are obviously having some
>> problems getting 2.19.16 into gear at the moment.  While I've got Jan to
>> look at it sometime next week, it is a bad idea if we don't have any
>> active experts working with it.  So if we find someone willing to invest
>> some more time in getting GUB back to work with newer GCC versions, we'd
>> might manage to get unstuck.
> In this branch,
> https://github.com/trueroad/gub/tree/gcc-4.9
> I've succeed to build all lilypond installers by gcc-4.9.2.

Uhm, Phil?  Would that help you?

> In mingw, linux-x86, linux-64, linux-ppc, freebsd-x86, freebsd-64:
> I've tested lilypond-installer and lilypond. Then, they work fine.
> Correct PDF is generated.
> In darwin-x86 and darwin-ppc:
> I'm still working.
> I use PureDarwin / OpenDarwin because they are open source and free OS.
> However, PureDarwin / OpenDarwin can't execute lilypond.
> lilpond (libpangoft2) depends on Carbon.
> PureDarwin / OpenDarwin doesn't have Carbon.

Huh.  I had the impression OpenDarwin is dead anyway.  If we have an
actively maintained and free Darwin version, it would of course be nice
if we could support it with an installer from us, but only if we
actually expect people to use our installer.  I think that probably few
people use our GNU/Linux installer, and it is not clear whether anybody
actually uses our FreeBSD installer (rather than compile himself or use
the version of LilyPond packaged by FreeBSD).

But I think PureDarwin/OpenDarwin are a problem for later: I don't think
we supported them in 2.19.15, so it would be important to get 2.19.16
out first with the currently supported platforms before trying something

Thanks for working on this!

David Kastrup

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