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Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly do

From: Masamichi HOSODA
Subject: Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly don't have \version
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 11:59:35 +0900 (JST)

> I'd not bother then.  2.19.16 is a developer release, so it is not
> required that it works for every platform.  Before stable releases, we
> try our best to get things to work according on the feedback we get for
> developer releases.
> The whole point of GUB is that most developers don't need to bother at
> all with platforms they don't actually use themselves.
>> On the other hand, Darwin is the core components and subset of Mac OS
>> X.  Therefore, I thought that it could be used as Max OS X
>> substitutes.
>> However, lilypond requires Carbon that are not included in Darwin.  It
>> is included only Mac OS X.  I found that Darwin could not be used as
>> Mac OS X substitutes.
> I think it might make sense telling this to the Pango people: if Pango
> was able to work without Carbon, that would be an advantage for users of
> Free Software.  But I don't know what this means for font support.
> Personally, I would be fine with supporting only fonts working with
> Darwin, just to get the message to Apple that they should make Darwin an
> actually useful option when they want to call it "Open Source" or
> whatever.
>> I've found some issues.
>> Now, I'm trying to fix them.
> If you don't have an actual MacOSX platform, I'd recommend that we just
> release 2.19.16 and wait for user feedback from testers who _have_ a
> Mac.  There is a price to pay for proprietary platforms, and it makes
> more sense to me if that price is paid by those preferring those
> platforms than by the developers working on free platforms.
> And those users can test a lot more realistically anyway: any changes
> you make to your Darwin setup in order to make a problem go away might
> either be a MacOSX/Darwin difference, or an actual problem also occuring
> on MacOSX.  And that's what MacOSX users are more qualified to report.

I've fixed the issues I found.

And lilypond's
\version issue has also been fixed.

Therefore, in this branch,
I've succeed GUB's ``make lilypond''.
All lilypond installers have been built by gcc-4.9.2.

In darwin-x86 (Intel Mac):
lilypond installer and lilypond work fine.
Correct PDF is generated.

In darwin-ppc (PowerPC Mac):
I can't prepare PowerPC Mac. Therefore, it is untested.
It would be necessary to wait for user feedback
from testers who have a PowerPC Mac, as you say.

In other environments
(mingw (Windows), linux-64, linux-x86, linux-ppc, freebsd-64, freebsd-x86):
I've tested lilypond installer and lilypond, again. Then, they work fine.
Correct PDF is generated.

It should be noted that, in order to build on the branch,
it is necessary to the new freebsd-runtime file.

The file can be made by the following information.
Or I may mail the file.

In addition, my GUB environment is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit.

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