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Re: Mistranslation in Japanese documentation?

From: Masamichi Hosoda
Subject: Re: Mistranslation in Japanese documentation?
Date: Thu, 05 May 2022 23:13:59 +0900 (JST)


I've created the merge request.

I would be happy to create your GitLab account
to review and approve the request if you can.

> Hi, Masamichi,
> Would you kindly submit a merge request for this case? 
> FYI, I’ve been translating Frescobaldi GUI to Japanese and, when I have some 
> spare time, I’d like to continue translating Frescobaldi rather than learning 
> git, to be honest. My Frescobaldi translation is not complete, around 35% by 
> December last year, but most of the menu items and dialogs have been covered. 
> I haven’t made much progress since December but hope to continue it once my 
> “day job" gets less hectic.
> Best regards,
> Jun
>> 2022/05/05 15:44、Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>のメール:
>> Hi,
>> Thank you for pointing out the mistranslation.
>> I speak Japanese and have experience submitting merge requests.
>> If you are interested in contributing to LilyPond,
>> you are welcome to submit a merge request, even if it takes some time.
>> If not, I can submit a merge request.
>>> Hi, Jean,
>>> Thanks for the pointer. I’ve started reading the "Contributor’s Guide," 
>>> especially "5.9 Translating the documentation,” to see what I can possibly 
>>> contribute. I’m fine with Unix/Linux CLI but I’ve never used git or any 
>>> other version control systems. I think that I need some time to understand 
>>> how git works.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Jun
>>>> 2022/05/05 3:43、Jean Abou Samra <jean@abou-samra.fr>のメール:
>>>> Le 03/05/2022 à 10:12, TamuraJun via bug-lilypond a écrit :
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> There seems to be a little mistranslation in Japanese documentation.
>>>>> In https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/notation/bars#bar-numbers 
>>>>> <https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/notation/bars#bar-numbers>
>>>>>> 楽譜から小節線を削除する
>>>>>> Score コンテキストから Bar_number_engraver を削除することで、小節線を完全に削除することができます。
>>>>> This is probably meant to be:
>>>>> 楽譜から小節番号を削除する
>>>>> Score コンテキストから Bar_number_engraver を削除することで、小節番号を完全に削除することができます。
>>>>> The original English version reads:
>>>>> Removing bar numbers from a score
>>>>> Bar numbers can be removed entirely by removing the Bar_number_engraver 
>>>>> from the Score context.
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Jun Tamura
>>>>> https://imslp.org/wiki/User:Jun_T <https://imslp.org/wiki/User:Jun_T>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Thanks for the report. Given that nobody in the development team speaks
>>>> Japanese (I had to use a diff tool to figure out the difference between
>>>> the current and correct version), it would be even better if you created
>>>> a merge request yourself to fix this mistake. Have a look at
>>>> https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/contributor/working-with-source-code
>>>> <https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/contributor/working-with-source-code>
>>>> Someone else can also do this for you, just that they will most likely
>>>> be doing the contribution blindly.
>>>> The text is in Documentation/ja/notation/rhythms.itely around line 3174.
>>>> Be aware that the contributing instructions contain a flaw, which has
>>>> been fixed recently (but came too late for the 2.23.8 release). After
>>>> creating a GitLab account, and before cloning the repository, you need
>>>> to perform the steps at
>>>> https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/ssh.html 
>>>> <https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/ssh.html>
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Jean
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