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[Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: [Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:25:30 +1100

Damien Genet wrote:
> Salut,
> ped_disk_get_max_partition_geometry() is defined two time in disk.h

> In msdos_partition_is_flag_available(),
> DosPartitionData*  dos_data isn't use,
> you should also remove PED_ASSERTs

Just because they're not in use, doesn't mean it's valid for
dos_data to be NULL.  It's still useful for picking up bugs.

> the func should, maybe, return true to PED_PARTITION_HIDDEN
> only for FAT, and false for PED_PARTITION_BOOT when
> partition is extended.

Hmmm.  I guess I should do this :-/  It's ugly.  Added to TODO,
pending further sleepness nights.

> In the same way, in msdos_partition_set_flag() may fail
> when you want to hide a non FAT partition

Yep.  It does fail now, because the file-system specific code will
complain.  (If it doesn't, that's a bug)

> Is it possible to know what flags would be available before creating
> a partition?

Interesting question.  Perhaps I should make it policy, that if you
pass NULL as the "part" argument to ped_partitition_is_flag_available(),
then it should return some reasonable values.  Added to TODO.

> Maybe should modify *_partition_is_flag_available()
> so arguments would be a PedFileSystemType and a
> PedPartitionType instead of the PedPartition argument that does not
> seems to be used in other *_partition_is_flag_available(),
> or maybe should add a new function?

Well, I'd like to keep ped_partition_is_flag_available() very
expressive.  The different partition tables have strange properties!

For example: the FAT thing for hidden partitions.  That DEFINITELY
needs to know what partition it is, to know what file system is
being used.  OK: you could pass the file system type instead, but
that seems Wrong to me - it's trying to "reconstitute" what a partition
is, rather than express it for what it is.

Andrew Clausen

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