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Re: [Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: [Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:02:08 +1100

Damien Genet wrote:
> Damien Genet wrote:
> > Andrew Clausen wrote:
> > > I've got another idea: when you're asking the user about adding a
> > > partition, you actually ADD the partition (ped_disk_add_partition)
> > > from the beginning.
> > >
> > > When the user changes what fs type they want, you call
> > > ped_partition_set_system() immediately.
> > >
> > > Then, you can get flags, etc.
> > >
> > > This is much cleaner, and was subconsciously what I was thinking
> > > about for PedDisk, anyway.
> >
> > Ok, I'll do this, and I will call ped_disk_add_partition(), only if the
> user
> > click on OK button, otherwise I will destroy PedPartition, this seems to
> > be a good Idea.

Hmmm.  I think you should add the partition immediately, and keep
on changing the added partition, as the user changes things in the
dialog box.

If the user cancels, then reread the disk.

Actually, I'm not sure I like this idea.
> I also would like to use this approach for changing properties (and so
> partition file-system type) of existing partitions (same problem : need
> to know what flags are available), but I must then duplicate a partition
> with all its properties.

At the moment, this is not possible.  If it's really really really
necessary, I guess I can implement it... but it has implications on
the internal code...

Why do you need to duplicate the partition?  If you want to "cancel"?
Hmmm.  On cancel, you could simply reread the disk, maybe?

Hmmm, this could be bad.

> Is it possible without using something like memcpy() ?

memcpy wouldn't work.  There is arbitary data in part->disk_specific,
which could contain pointers, etc.

> - because I'm not sure this is a good Idea -
> Or maybe I should save original file-system type elsewhere.

err... this sounds bad, I agree.

> - and so only file-system type changes wil be applied directly, and no
> ohter changes, this is a bit incosistent -.

I agree.  We need to thing of something better.

> I'm porting Gtk-Parted to parted-1.3.x (now 1.4.x), and it's takes me
> a lot of work - hollydays are also ended :'( -,
> but I think now most is done :)

Ok, excellent :-)

Keep asking lots of questions - it helps me clean up the API ;-)
BTW, I'm usually on xnet IRC (see www.xnet.org/servers/index.html),
on #gnu, when I'm around :-)  (alephnull: you been busy lately?!)

Anyway, I think there are lots of ways we could try to solve this
problem, so it'd be good to talk about it.  I think IRC is better for

(BTW: anyone can come along!)

Andrew Clausen

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