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FAT32 image

From: Charles Lewis
Subject: FAT32 image
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 15:43:47 -0700
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I'm wanting to create an image of a FAT32 partition and burn it on a CD so
that it can be restored easily on multiple computers. I think I know how to
do this using partimage. However, I'm running into a problem with different
hard drive sizes and I'm not sure I understand how to do this with parted.
These are the steps that I THINK I know. Please feel free to relieve my vast

Create a partimage image
1. download partimage.0.3.5-bootcd-1.img
2. copy to <burning dir>/.eltorito
3. copy other files to <burning directory> (What other files? parted?)
4. mkisofs -o /tmp/cd-rescue.iso -R -V "Partition Image rescue" -v -J -T _d
-D -b .eltorito/partimage.0.3.5-bootcd-1.img -c .eltorito.boot -A "Partition
Image" .
6. burn partimage cd with resulting image

To create a HD backup image
5. Boot up to partimage CD
6. mount remote NFS partition to save the image to? Will I be able to NFS
mount with this kernel?
7. cd to mounted partition
8. run partimage and specify partition to save
9. burn HD backup cd with with resulting image

To restore HD backup image
1. Boot up to partimage CD
2. fdisk HD to create FAT32 partition
3. Insert HD backup cd (is it possible to put HD image and partimage image
on one CD?)
4. mount cd
5. run partimage and specify partition to restore
To grow an 2GB filesystem image to fill an 8GB partition using parted
1. parted print to get disk geometry?
2. parted resize MINOR START END ?

Is there an easier way to do this?

Charles Lewis

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