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Re: [Denemo-devel] 2.0.0 and 1.2.4 bad font

From: Lars Björnfot
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] 2.0.0 and 1.2.4 bad font
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 00:26:48 +0100

>What was the message in this dialot - I see it ends with "Hint?"
>Is it perhaps "Repeat Slur Positioning Hint?"
>That shouldn't be appearing while the "Now drag the ..." dialog is still on 
>the screen. I've tried to find >a way of getting that without success.
>Can you explain your sequence of operations?

Yes, that dialog.

It's hard to explain in detail. The dialogs and markers behave a bit random ... 
Or maybe I just don't understand how they work. Anyway I'll try:

In print view:
  Click red mark.
  Hint Slur Position

The info window appears, I keep this dialog open.
 "First click on the note head of the note where the slur starts. "

It seems:
a) If I click on a note (where the slur really starts, or where I would like 
the slur to start), it sets the end marker too, sometimes random or far away 
outside the page.
b) If I click on the stem or above/below the note (where I want the slur to 
start), it works better. I get visible start and end markers = blue cirkels. 
Not always where I expected them.
c) I didn't have to click the red cross. Click anywhere on the slur also seems 
to work.

The info window says: "Now drag the begin/end markers to suggests slur 
position/angle. Right click when done."

I drag the blue cirkle up/down.
On drag-release the "Slur Angle/Position Yes/No" often comes up. Sometimes on 
the second drag-release.

The result on "right-click when done" is that the slur moves a bit though 
usually not like I expected. 

I also find it unclear what the blue cirkles are for. Why set these start/end 
markers at various notes when it doesn't affect the start/end of the slur?

I know this may be hard to change :-) but an idea to make this easier to use is:
 - Use the existing red cross, drag them to change start/end slur and 
 - See end result directly. No popups.
 - Drag entire slur over the staff to change position from under to over. 

>Bye the way, how did the Informational Dialog "Now drag the begin/end...." 
>come to be so tall and >narrow? I can't reshape it like that! It seems to be 
>allowing only one word per line.

No idea. It was automatic.


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