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Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re:

From: Petr Pařízek
Subject: Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re: A few questions about using Denemo on Windows))
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 21:05:43 +0200
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Richard wrote:

> If you want to test this you need to re-start Denemo after changing the
> preference "Menu Navigation by Keypress" so that the menus are updated.

Thanks. Is this something that could possibly be changed in some kind of
an ".ini" or a similar text file? Or does the Preferences dialog have a
keyboard shortcut that I could use to change that? I was trying to do an
OCR on the screen and I can't seem to find anything corresponding to the
menu bar with some familiar words, like "File" or "Help" or whatever,
which means I couldn't find the Preferences from there.

> Gtk will target the same keyboard shortcut expectations I'm sure. Can
> you save a Denemo score using just the PC keyboard?

Not at this point, because when I tried to move through the controls in
the dialog either forward with Tab or backward with Shift+Tab, I wasn't
getting any spoken feedback at all about which field the cursor was
focused on after pressing that keystroke.

> - I've just tried
> but backspace doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure I've ever seen
> these keypresses documented anywhere...

I don't know where exactly I learned them from, it's a long-long time
ago. But I think the thing with Backspace usually works in such dialogs
even without any "additional" software installed, provided that the
dialog uses the kind of controls commonly offered within the OS itself
(rather than having its own just for the sake of what it looks like on
the screen).
Also, I remember that some applications offered Alt + up arrow and Alt +
down arrow for closing or opening an item in a treeview, therefore I'm
deducing that maybe this would also work for going one level lower or
higher in that treeview. But I'm not sure.


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