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Re: custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: custom keymap
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 09:35:37 -0400

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On Sep 1 2020, at 9:23 am, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Tue, 2020-09-01 at 08:57 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> --------------------
> Hi again,
> I  am slowly adding to my scheme script and I see that a lot of the
> default keybindings are ok. I am mainly interested in not moving my
> hands off home position.
> A few issues I came up with.
> There are so many tuplet options even for triplets - toggle etc. I am
> not sure which to use - in the menu is start triplet end triplet, is
> the toggle.

You use whatever most suits you - I use the KP_7, KP_7 and Ctrl
KP_7,Ctrl KP_7 shortcuts when entering pure rhythms as that means I can
enter the triplet rhythmically (three strokes to enter a triplet).
If you are entering music sequentially then TAB which alternately
enters the start and end triplet markers is useful.
Fine so either I use tab or create a replacement for KP_7
> Also I want a way to move to the right octave without using the comma
> and apostrophe like a = a, and A=a

to be clearer if I assume three octaves  for example c1 c2 c3  where c2 would be on the staff, c1 below the staff and c3 above the staff (eventhough it doesn't work exacly like that)
I would like c2 to be lower case c, c3 upper case C, and c1 be cc. for example.
When I tried out the keycombo for capital A it opened the record scheme script dialog.

> but it starts the record scheme script...
??? ???
The only way to start the recording into the Scheme window of commands
is via the button on the Scheme window, but perhaps you are referring
to something else.
don't know

> There are also so many options for grace notes, I am not sure what to
> use.

For my purposes I use the "KP_Divide" key to transform a note into a
grace note (while entering rhythms on the numeric keypad) and resort to
the main keyboard for entering pairs of beamed grace notes. The options
all do different things, so you need to read their help texts and/or
experiment to find out what suits you. And should there be something
that could be done that there is no command for you could always make a
request for a new feature...
so KP_Divide transforms,

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