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Re: custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: custom keymap
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 07:02:08 -0400

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On Sep 3 2020, at 4:43 am, Richard Shann <> wrote:


(define (InsertPitch pitch)
(eval-string (string-append "(d-" (number->string (d-GetPrevailingDuration)) ")"))
(d-CursorToNote pitch)

(if (equal? "Treble" (d-GetPrevailingClef))
(InsertPitch "f'")
(InsertPitch "f,"))


would make a command which when invoked inserted f' if the prevailing
clef was treble or f, otherwise. (It assumes that you are not using the
Rhythm Entry for MIDI in option).
So you could make a series of such commands for each note name and give
them your shortcuts.
So I need to tell it what clef I am in and  I refer to the top section, and I must do this for every pitch I want.
Would this be =-nine scripts for all the notes I want to hard code?
would this script automatically appear in the list in the Input menu for me to manipulate it there? I guess I need to read the Scheme section of the manual in more detail.
So far,
(*) There may be neater ways to do this ...

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