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RE: Some thoughts about GS

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: RE: Some thoughts about GS
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 10:27:45 -0600

~~~~~~~~~~ THIS IS NOT FLAME BAIT. ~~~~~~~~~~~

well - then use java.  as an objc programmer (both for my living & in my
spare time) i personally detest the "move to java"...it's somewhat akin [in
my mind] to watching all the devoted Python hackers move over to, say, Ruby.
but i doubt that Ruby lovers would hop on a soapbox in a Python

if you like java, that's your choice and that's fine.  but i, for one, love
GNUstep, and the GNUstep lists because (a) GNUstep is a phenominal project
to work with/on - period, and (b) because the project/this list revolve
around Objective-C and NOT JAVA.  

so this message is the kind that *stings* for those of us hoping that, say,
Mac OS X will revive the need for Objective-C programmers and thus ensure
that we can continue to do what we love for a living -  instead of having to
program in Java....which is EXACTLY the situation i'm facing, as my own
company is switching to Java apps.

sorry - but it's a very REAL situation, and it's NOT pleasant.  no harm


-ian mondragon

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> Subject:      RE: Some thoughts about GS
> >After all, I hate being forced 
> > to use Java. It   [...]
> As an old ObjC programmer I've got to say that I find it harder
> and harder to go back to ObjC from Java.
> + Obj-C
> + The message passing syntax
> + categories
> + Clean, well-designed libraries (Foundation/AppKit)
> + Speed
> + better 'reflection' (rtti) than Java
> + Java
> + 'Free' garbage collection
> + Interfaces are cleaner than Protocols
> + No header files
> + Namespaces
> + threading support in the language
> + exception support in the language
> + no link stage
> + variable declarations are statements
> If gcj ever works with Jigs, to get the speed up and size
> down, Java could be the 'killer app' needed to get GNUstep
> programming going.
> Tim
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