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RE: Some thoughts about GS

From: Tim . Bissell
Subject: RE: Some thoughts about GS
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 15:54:55 -0000

>After all, I hate being forced 
> to use Java. It   [...]

As an old ObjC programmer I've got to say that I find it harder
and harder to go back to ObjC from Java.

+ Obj-C

+ The message passing syntax
+ categories
+ Clean, well-designed libraries (Foundation/AppKit)
+ Speed
+ better 'reflection' (rtti) than Java
+ Java

+ 'Free' garbage collection
+ Interfaces are cleaner than Protocols
+ No header files
+ Namespaces
+ threading support in the language
+ exception support in the language
+ no link stage
+ variable declarations are statements

If gcj ever works with Jigs, to get the speed up and size
down, Java could be the 'killer app' needed to get GNUstep
programming going.


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