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Re: Some thoughts about GS

From: Jason H Clouse
Subject: Re: Some thoughts about GS
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 11:09:31 -0500

On the subject of integration with GNOME or KDE: I don't think it's an
entirely bad idea for GNUstep apps to play nicely with other
environments.  However, I think this is going to be somewhat limited. 
Since they take far different approaches to things, real project
integration isn't going to happen.  A GTK backend for the AppKit might be
nice but I'm not sure what good that will really do us.  It could get a
few more people interested in Objective C, however.

As for killer apps, I think PC and GORM are the big ones right now. 
Also, it will be a lot easier to develop good apps once we finish the
development tools.  I might as well take this opportunity to announce
that I've been working on the GORM a good bit lately, including an Object
Search/Batch Edit module that should come in handy.  I won't be able to
finish it for a month or two because I've got a lot of other stuff to do
right now that's going to require all my time.  I've also talked to
Raphael Sebbe (author of the upcoming Sphaera for MOSX
(http://raphaelsebbe.multimania.com/Sphaera.html).  He's said that he has
done some work on porting this to GNUstep but has run into some bugs and
inconveniences in the AppKit.  Once he has finished implementing Sphaera,
he has promised to do more work on a GNUstep port.  Witnessing the stir
that Blender created, I think Sphaera could *definitely* be a killer app.
 I'd like to see SynthBuilder ultimately run on GNUstep as well.

I think more "advertising" needs to be done, and I have been doing some;
I think maybe we need to polish a little more first though.  The most
productive tactic I've found is exploiting the fascination with MOSX by
saying something like, "Y'know...the GNUstep project will make it very
easy to port applications between MOSX and Linux."  Everyone I've told
about it has been interested.  We need to make sure we look more busy
too.  (Perhaps more OpenStep News sorts of things would be helpful.  Even
if it's just commenting on how developments in the MOSX world will impact
GNUstep.)  We need to present the image that we're a happenin' kind of
development project.

I think we can make it!  We just need to keep chugging on.  Remember:
slow and steady wins the race.


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