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Re: GNUstep Window Manager (was RE: Idea)

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: GNUstep Window Manager (was RE: Idea)
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 22:10:20 +0000

On Sunday, January 7, 2001, at 09:16 PM, Philippe C.D.Robert wrote:

> Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden> wrote (Sun, 7 Jan 2001 11:49:47 
> +0000): 
> > > Well, that was exactly my idea when I started this thread...;-) Since 
> > > nobody seemed to 
> like  
> > > the idea to share foundations with other projects due to the superiority 
> > > of GS, i.e. 
> gtk+, I  
> > > thought it would be logic that the window manager - an important part in 
> > > the X world - 
> should  
> > > be based on that 'superior' tecyhnology as well, or at least make use of 
> > > it - even if this  
> > > takes some more time to get to the point...  
> >  
> > I don't think there is any problem with the notion of sharing with other 
> > projects in  
> > principle, it's just not technically realistic due to basic architectural 
> differences... 
> So it is not possible to use GDK and Libart instead of/in xgps, for example? 

I don't know them well enough - though the little I know of libart makes it seem
as though it might be possible.  The problem is that learning any of them well 
to make a properly informed decisions would take full days that I don't have.

Now if a libart lover wanted to show me a real example of how it could be used 
our advantage, I might put in the effort.  But I really think that just 
possible tools that we could use is pointless - there are hundreds of candidate
software libraries/languages etc.

The best we can do is keep an open mind and be prepared to give a fair look at 
an enthusiast wants to do (and encourage enthusiastic developers if we can).

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