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Re: GNUstep Window Manager (was RE: Idea)

From: Philippe C . D . Robert
Subject: Re: GNUstep Window Manager (was RE: Idea)
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 21:34:02 +0100

Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden> wrote (Sun, 7 Jan 2001 19:57:07 +0000):
> I'm sure you know this - but it's perhaps worth noting for the sake of those 
> who
> don't, that gstep-gui is not designed to be an X11 toolkit (which is what 
> xgps and
> xdps are), but to be a cross-platform toolkit able to efficiently work with a
> variety of relatively simple backend toolkits.
> Certainly the API is totally un-X-like, which is perhaps a reason why we have 
> few
> developers (and a reason why we have those of us that wqe do have).

Just to mention that: gtk runs w/o X now (at least 'in the lab'), it is ported 
to Win32 as well - as is Qt. So one day the argument that GNUstep is a 
crossplatform API becomes worthless, since you can then run gtk/GNOME apps or 
KDE apps on win32 or other systems as well.

One question that comes to my mind then is: why not use the gtk X toolkit 
instead of the xgps X toolkit? Perhaps this is a very silly question, but I 
don't know the answer, so...;-)
cheers, Phil
Philippe C.D. Robert | http://www.nice.ch/~phip/

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