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Re: Misc. comments

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: Misc. comments
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 09:32:08 -0500

"Pascal J. Bourguignon" wrote:
> From: Alexander Malmberg <address@hidden> wrote:
> > - I work quite a lot with 3d-rendering and modelling, so I often use
> > ridiculously high resolutions. Thus, the GUI really must be resolution
> > independent (resolution as in dpi). How is this supposed to be handled
> > in GNUstep? Is the backend supposed to rescale everything transparently
> > (so dimensions given in a program are really 1/72's of an inch, not
> > pixels), or are the widgets supposed to take font sizes into account
> > when calculating their sizes?
> This is a  problem related to the subjacent  drawing architecture, and
> to the way the pictures/icons are defined and drawn.
> On NeXTSTEP,  with a display of 96  dpi, some scaling was  done by DPS
> when a  window was specified  to contain 72dps picture.  Actually, DPS
> being so good  at isolate the device resolution  from the application,
> it was really easy for application to add zooming functions.

For me, the problem is not the widgets (although it would be nice to have
scaled widgets)...it's the _text_. When I specify 72 point text in a font
panel, I get 72-pixel-high text, not 101-pixel-high text like I should be
seeing. GNUstep seems to be using the pixel size field of XLFD instead of the
decipoint field.

On a related note, AppKit seems to not support scalable fonts. I get ugly
jaggies when I specify a point size for my TrueType or Type 1 fonts that isn't
covered by the bitmapped versions I created primarily for Netscape.


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