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Re: A killer app?

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: A killer app?
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 22:53:06 +0100


I mostly disagree. I don't need YASW (yet-another-shell-wrapper), I'm
quite happy with bash, yast and/or available LDAP tools.
Having a UserManager doesn't give me any additional value (indeed the
additional value of the NeXTstep UserManager is not the UI, but the
netinfo backend, which I already have with PAM and LDAP).

You write that "we just need to do the same" like KDE and GNOME. This is
wrong, since those are applications where GNUstep UI can play out little
advantage - and, more important: they are already done in KDE and GNOME.
You will never get "$15 Million" if you try to do sth which is already
done twice (actually 4 to 10 times).

What I miss on Linux are productivity applications done in a consistent,
interoperable manner. Diagram, OpenWrite, Improv, Mail, OmniWeb,
WetPaint and for development, IB, PB.
These are not new concepts, but stuff which is really missing on Linux.
OpenStep in theory provides some advantages for implementing the above.


address@hidden wrote:
> >Let's look at the Unix tools and invent graphical equivalents ( <- is
> >that english?)
> >Build a graphical awk, groff, less, split, join and more
> >This would mean no single killer app, but a killer environment. There
> >are ofcourse some things that need to be solved like:
> >How to pipe stuff from one to another command ?
> >How to select all options and how to interface things right ?
> i agree for the most part.  while i feel that a "killer app" would be a
> great plug to get everyone to install GNUstep on thier systems, these things
> tend to take a horrid amount of time, effort and coordination.  and look at
> what that's done to mozilla <grin>.  i've been doing pretty much just this -
> slowly piecing together smaller, more usefull tools that just about
> everybody could/would want to use.  and they're not exactly new concepts by
> any stretch of the imagination...a user manager app, a terminal preferences
> pseudo-app (*NOT* a new terminal), a host manager app, an app that utilizes
> the GNUstepDefaults in an attempt at replacing the overwhelming amount of
> .rc and .conf files floating aroung the *nix variants...
> nothing exactly mind boggling.  what we need is utility.  one of the reasons
> that the GNOME and KDE *environments* are enjoying such success is that they
> group together the usefull things that users need in a common place like
> this.  we just need to do the same.  then maybe we can all come together and
> work on something that would deliver a GNUstep environment (in it's truest
> sense) to the end-user...and possibly get, say, $15 MILLION investments
> every once in a while *cough*ximian*cough*.
> >That means not creating the next NeXT or MacOS but to create the
> >environment that is new.
> i don't think anybody *really* wants clone NeXT in an absolute sense.  the
> thing is that NeXT did a whole lot of things right...and that's what we want
> to do too (i'm pretty sure i can speak for most of us on that one).
> @end
> - ian mondragon
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