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Re: A killer app?

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: A killer app?
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 00:27:04 +0100

Prashant Singh wrote:
> I think having a nice mail application would be a good step towards giving
> non-programmers a usable, productive environment. Is GNUMail.app still
> being developed? Something modular, so that it can at some point support
> the different protocols people's offices and school's use for mail (POP3,
> IMAP, etc.) would be nice.

First the gstep-gui must be made 'usable' (focus problem, different
window manager problem, text system ...)
Personally I would consider doing an IMAP based Mail app if gstep-gui is
usable (and quick enough). I have all the backend libraries available
and would love to have a better mailer than GNUstep.

> A Web browser or graphics program would of course be nice, but those sound
> like much longer term projects. And I think having a nice mail
> reader/composer/etc. would attract a few people.

Yes, I agree about the mailer. But I also do not think that a Diagram is
particulary difficult or a long term project if the gui libs are stable.

> Plus, having lots people use a program like that all the time could help
> expose bugs in the GNUstep libraries.

;-) Better not ...

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