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Re: A killer app?

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: A killer app?
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:42:09 +0100

Jason H Clouse wrote:
> <<I mostly disagree. I don't need YASW (yet-another-shell-wrapper), I'm
> quite happy with bash, yast and/or available LDAP tools. Having a
> UserManager doesn't give me any additional value (indeed the
> additional value of the NeXTstep UserManager is not the UI>>
> Maybe.  But it sure would be nicer than the RedHat tools.

Who uses RedHat ;-) Try SuSE, they have nice and working admin tools.

Note: I'm not against writing admin tools in GNUstep. I would like that
to. I only say that this won't help GNUstep get more users.

> <<What I miss on Linux are productivity applications done in a
> consistent, interoperable manner. Diagram, OpenWrite, Improv, Mail,
> OmniWeb, WetPaint and for development, IB, PB.>>
> How true.  Unfortunately, I hear that it's difficult to get OpenStep
> developers to port their software.  Isn't there any way we can put some
> pressure on Omni or something?  We *at least* need a decent web browser.
> I'm getting really sick of Netscape 4.7.

I'm pretty sure that if an OpenStep application (better: MacOSX
application) would 'just-compile' as is, most OpenStep developer would
port quickly. Right now it still would take significant time to do so
(and probably expose loads of bugs) and I guess eg OmniGroup just don't
have that time and a different focus anyway.

Regarding the Web-Browser: A small browser object/view would be fine,
but IMHO it is more important to plugin/reuse Mozilla/Gecko. You are not
going to write a usable browser in reasonable time (BTW: I don't really
consider OmniWeb *that* usable, IE is far better !).
BTW: this is true for a text-editor as well -> plugin XEmacs :-)

BTW2: since some month there is also 'OmniGraffle', which is a diagram
clone for MacOSX. Would be cool if this could be ported to GNUstep ;-)

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