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Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows? Possible?)

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows? Possible?)
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 16:00:31 +0200
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On 2002-09-28 16:33 Uhr, "Philippe C.D.Robert" <address@hidden>
> Seeing is believing, so I guess if there was an easy way to install a
> GNUstep desktop then many would become interested in the project and
> more important, become active contributors! Hence my question, what
> would it take to create an installation script similar to the one found
> in early Gnome desktop versions which installs GNUstep, GWorkspace and
> other core applications (GNUMail, Terminal, Preferences, Gorm,
> ProjectCenter, EasyDiff and so on ... there are a bunch already!)?

I agree 100%. The thing which is missing is "RedCarpet". Without it, it
would be probably almost impossible for most people to get a recent &
working GNOME system.

And I certainly want to do something like this, just didn't find the time
yet to start the thing :-( In my current idea this would be based on a RPM
database separate from the system one (eg in
$GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT/Library/RPMReceipts ;-) Then some kind of online-update
mechanism would be required (autorpm ?)


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