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Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)

From: Kazunobu Kuriyama
Subject: Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 08:20:27 +0900
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Alexander Malmberg wrote:

Stefan Urbanek wrote:

I believe what Georg Fleischmann wants isn't just a text format, it's a
structured, human readable text format.

What about NSKeyedArchiver and NSKeyedUnarchiver?

It looks like they would produce something fairly human-readable (or at
least a lot better than the above example :). OTOH, implementing those
classes is a bit of work, and to get the benefits, you'd have to update
all -encodeWithCoder:/-initWithCoder: implementations, which is a lot of

Because I can't exactly make out what you mean, let me ask a question.
If the assertion above is true, -encodeWithCoder:/-initWithCoder: which
were written for a class designed to be used with 10.1 or before must be
rewritten for use with 10.2 or later.  Is this true?

If not, ...  It seems to me that implementing NSKeyedArchiver/
NSKeyedUnarchiver requires much of work so that the existing encode/
decode methods will remain the same; however, if it's done, we can get
the benefits fairly easily.  Is it impossible to implement them using
either proxy or cluster pattern to achieve the purpose, keeping the
existing code untouched?

- Kazunobu Kuriyama

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