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Re: App Naming Nazi (was: Re: Gstreamer)

From: Martin Brecher
Subject: Re: App Naming Nazi (was: Re: Gstreamer)
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 22:47:25 +0100
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Raffael Herzog wrote:
Then I had this great idea: "If it plays any media streams, why not simply call it 'MediaPlayer.app' instead of 'MoviePlayer.app'?" But
then again, this picture appeared before my minds eye: Me standing in
front of an army of lawyers, from a far distance I could hear the
sound of a hammer being slammed on a big desk, Bill Gates and Steve
Ballmer grinning at me gloatingly, and myself only being capable of
one thought: "How the heck am I supposed to ever be able to pay those
billions of dollars I've just been condemned to?" - And all this just
because I wanted to call my open source media playing application
such that the name reflects what the app does: Playing media. Nah,
that's not it.

I agree with Alex' comment that "Media Player" is a generic term. But I guess you could also just call it "Player.app" or "Media.app".

Personally I find "MediaCenter.app" to fit well, especially with regard to the framework's and application's broad range of abilities.


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