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Re: hide the menu

From: Pascal J . Bourguignon
Subject: Re: hide the menu
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 00:33:56 +0100

Alex Perez writes:
> simply position the menu off-screen using a defaults entry. I can't help 
> you with the  specifics of how to do this but I know others use it 
> routinely and that it works fine.

Be sure to keep a "Quit" button accessible!

If you  have a menu in  the window, why don't  you put it  rather in a
normal menu?  We should keep  a common look-and-feel in GNUstep (let's
agree to take exactly that of OPENSTEP 4.2!).

The  user can  always move  the menu  window off  the screen  (but one
pixel, unless he writes the defaults) and activate the right button to
use it  in a pop-up  mode, like I  do.  But that's an  (advanced) user

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