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Re: Installer UI advices

From: Jonathan Isom
Subject: Re: Installer UI advices
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:45:13 -0600

On 2005-03-14 07:43:53 -0600 M. Uli Kusterer <address@hidden> wrote:

In fact, from a usability standpoint, disk images are worse, because the concept of a "disk images" requires that the user understand the concept of a "virtual disk". Just treating it like any archive, which is a file that wraps up downloaded files in a space-saving way, requires less mental effort and learning on the user's part. And the less users have to think when using the UI, the more brain power is available for the tasks they're actually trying to achieve by using the computer.

Well on the mac side disk images a more natural.  When saved to the desktop
its no different than installing from a cd which is the standard for years.
it may not be as familar as on windows or linux but would be different and
learning curve on Macs.
                Jonathan Isom

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