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Re: Etoile on Solaris

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Etoile on Solaris
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 15:28:37 +0200

Hello CHris,

We did that and I can select Azalea from the dtlogin menu now. However, if I
log in I get a black screen with a xterm window only. If I enter
        openapp EtoileMenuServer.app

Is your $HOME/.xsession executable?

It was not, but now it is.

And does the xterm have window decoration, like Resize, Close, etc?


in the xterm window I get
        Critcal Error in EtoileMenuServer
        NSUndefinedKeyException: Unable to find value for key

Someone else posted a message about this problem a while ago. You might want to browse through Etoile's discuss list.

Got it. This was my fault. We downloaded GNUstep from cvs not from svn. It took us a while to realize, that cvs is no longer updated (year old sources). :-(

When I try "openapp LookAndBehavior.app" I get
We have just installed the latest GNUstep sources (base, gui, back). This did
not help. Do we have to install Gorm as well for this to work?

No you do not, nib loading is handled by GNUstep. I have never run LookAndBehaviour.app, so I can only guess. Could be the nib (the .gorm file) is broken or missing.

As mentioned this was due to old GNUstep sources from cvs. LookAndBehaviour does start now but it does not seem to do anything useful yet!? :-(

I also have no dock. We were using WindowMaker before and used its dock. I guess Azalea has no dock on its own and we have to build GWorkspace to get a
dock again. Is that correct?

I've seen it mentioned that Azalea has a dock, but I never tried to find out for sure, as I was using GWorkspace's dock which works reasonably fine.

I will try that.

I just realized that popups do not work in conjunctions with Etoile. If in a modal dialog the selection pops up behind the model window. If used in a non-modal window the popup pops up ver the window (correct). But there seems to be an update problem. ThesringValue of the popup is not updated after making a selection. This problem does not occur if I do not load the Etoile bundle!? Can anybody confirm this bug?



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