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Re: GNUstep slogan - discussion and voting

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: GNUstep slogan - discussion and voting
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 16:48:23 +0100

Am 12.11.2007 um 12:44 schrieb Richard Frith-Macdonald:

On 12 Nov 2007, at 11:28, Daniel Santos wrote:

Now I get it. The slogan is to attract developers. But developers usually aren't attracted by short vague sentences, that make them invest their precious time and effort on something they haven't investigated properly. When you choose a technology to implement something, you check first if it can do the job for you.

But anyway, take a look at this one :

GNUStep - object oriented portability

I don't favour that for a slogan ... it's more like a short description, and it's to do with the mechanics rather than the aim of GNUstep.

I also don't go for the tongue-in-cheek/humorous ones I've read.

The one that stands out for me is 'make your users smile today' though I'd modify it slightly to 'make your users smile', because ...
1. the 'today' is reminiscent of a certain microsoft slogan
2. we want to make the users smile today and tomorrow and onwards
3. the shorter phrase just seems to scan better, and an elegant flow to the language is good in a slogan.

As a developer, I'd like to have happy users.

GNUstep ... make your users smile ...

What I don't like about that slogan is that, despite it's positive message, it doesn't give you an idea what GNUstep is at all. If the slogan doesn't deliver that it is IMHO somewhat redundant.



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