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Re: GSWeb/GDL2 Status

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: GSWeb/GDL2 Status
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 14:15:24 +0100
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David Chisnall schrieb:
>> As for creating an GDL2 Based framework to be used with a
>> gui/EOInterface Application and a GSWeb simultaneously, I'd say it's
>> possible but not trivial.
>> If your looking for simple IDE to support that kind of integration  in a
>> straight forward simple way, then, no I don't see the current  developers
>> supplying that anytime soon.
> I think you are misunderstanding the question.  I have an GNUstep 
> application which follows the MVC abstraction.  Most of the code is in 
> the model layer (which is actually already separated into a framework 
> for later reuse).  The controllers are thin wrappers which translate 
> things like drag and drop events and datasource requests into calls to 
> the model, and the views are all GNUstep objects in gorm/nib files.
> It seems like I ought to be able to create a GSWeb application which 
> uses the HTML pages instead of nib files, some new code for the 
> controllers and the same model, but I have no idea where to start.  I 
> am not particularly interested in GDL2, since the application is not 
> database driven and I have an easier-to-use persistence framework in 
> the form of EtoileSerialise for things that don't need to be stored in 
> a database.
> I could create a fastcgi app using just Foundation that would work,  but
> it seems like GSWeb should be able to simplify this dramatically.

Hmm... Ok. So you'd only use GSWeb for generating the HTML and you don't
want to use WODisplayGroup to manage the updating the EO.

> Now that the web page has been replaced by a singularly uninformative 
> wiki page, I don't even know how I'd go about running a GSWeb app.  
> Does it actually require Apache?  I use Lighttpd, so do I need to 
> install Apache and run it behind lighttpd?  Or can a GSWeb app run as  a
> fastcgi program?

Currently I we only have a Apache2 module, or you (I think Dave W. has
worked on that) you can connect directly to the application.  The
modules purpose is mostly for load balancing and distributing the
requests to the correct application.  Not sure if uploading files works
directly or not.  But that should be discusses with Dave W. (GSWHackers

I'm not sure if it could be pried into a fastcpi wrapper.  But I also
don't really know why not.  Fact is, we currently don't have one.

>> That said, I do believe that it can be done but will probably require
>> another abstraction framework.  Something Renaissance-like or  something
>> using Renaissance with main purpose of generating or parsing  Renaissance
>> XML and creating GSWeb html/wod [potentially on the fly].  But that's
>> pretty much a pipe dream right now.
> I don't even think this is a good idea.  Web applications may be a bit 
> like desktop ones, but they are sufficiently different that they  should
> merit a custom UI.  Attempting to use the same UI for a desktop  and web
> app is likely to be ugly.

Yes, you'd need enough infrastructure to take the two UI Look & /Feels/
into account.  (Something akin to multiple platform dependent GORM
files.)  And environment specific controllers... yet the pure business
logic should be shareble even it that is only a small part of the
applications themselves.


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