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Re: GSWeb/GDL2 Status

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: GSWeb/GDL2 Status
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 14:50:14 +0100

On 21.11.2007, at 14:29, Helge Hess wrote:

On 21.11.2007, at 14:15, David Ayers wrote:
Well they should be completely seperate but the way it stands a small
part of the WO45 API depends on EOF and even the small part we use in
our app (incl. some EOQualifier stuff) already differs in the API.

Ah OK!, sure. But SOPE also has (and always had) EOControl (control layer of EOF 2) which provides and uses the EOQualifier API :-) sope-appserver has no GDL1 dependencies (as far as I'm aware).

Which reminds me of why adding GDL2 might not trivial, you would need to check/fix incompatibilities between GDL2 EOControl and SOPE EOControl.

Quite some time (1 1/2 years?) ago I ported SOPE to also be usable with Mulle EOF (http://oswald.codeon.de/project-titmouse/), which is a full binary compatible EOF clone (quite impressive IMO). If GDL2 is really Apple EOF API compatible, then using the Mulle EOF compile options will definitely work for this purpose.




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