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Re: Package building

From: Johannes Brakensiek
Subject: Re: Package building
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 10:40:25 +0100

Hi Sergii,

thank you for your reply!

On 19 Nov 2019, at 0:39, Sergii Stoian wrote:

Frankly speaking I don’t like themes idea almost totally. It’s hard to achieve desired look and feel with themes without coding (overriding some class methods). Plus themes support bloats the GNUstep codebase.

I’m not into the details of the theming implementation, but to me it looks a GNUstep based DE would be far from being bloated compared to other current DEs. ;)

I understand that the initial idea was to attract more users/developers, but… It’s not working.

Hm, yes. I think developers don’t need a nice UI at first place (and I think most of what developers need luckily is already provided by Apple as of today). But developers need happy users (if you’re not developing only for yourself) and I think happy users need a stable, solid and consistent UX. That would be provided by a NextStep based UI guideline. But they also need a pretty UI (which is not what you’d call that NextStep look nowadays, imho).

So, I want to make ideal NEXTSTEP interface first. Who knows maybe some day I’ll want to change it to macOS-like… ;)

I think: Do it (some days earlier). From a users perspective my heart was filled with joy and happiness when I saw what Bertrand had compiled here: https://github.com/BertrandDekoninck/rik.theme/blob/master/newscreen.png ;)

If we’d have some more screenshots of well crafted software looking like this, it would be a huge benefit regarding the public impression of GNUstep. It doesn’t need to be macOS, but to have a free DE that’s getting close regarding UX/UI would be a thing I’d really like to see and work with. (Especially since Apple is currently driving the development of macOS to a state where I won’t want to use it anymore…)

Etoile is great effort to create macOS-like DE with great fundamental frameworks inside. I wish to borrow some of them someday… But its development stopped AFAIK.

Yes, sadly. Merge it, use it. Once I come to start writing a serious app I’ll give CoreObject a try and see how it works. ;)

Keep up your good work

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