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[DotGNU]Summary of irc meetings of Sat, 22 Mar 2003

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: [DotGNU]Summary of irc meetings of Sat, 22 Mar 2003
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:43:47 +0100 (CET)

The DotGNU Informer -- Volume 1, Issue No. 2

Here's a summary of the recent DotGNU irc meetings.  (For info on
DotGNU's irc channel and on the weekly meetings, please refer to ).

pnetlib development
The decision is made to make an effort to get the "ECMA TODO's" in
pnetlib (i.e. the TODO items where this lib doesn't yet provide
everything that is specified in the ECMA standard) resolved quickly.
We also need to encourage people to contribute pnetlib test cases.
S11001001 will create a Wiki page that helps new contributors with
getting started, and will post to the mailing list in order to
recruit as many contributors to these efforts as possible.

Update: The Wiki page is at

The two experimental JIT efforts which are currently underway are
briefly discussed.  The idea of using GNU lightning is brought up,
this may be suitable for a simple unroller where the hard stuff
can be punted back to the CVM interpreter.  This idea is added to
the Wiki page

New releases planned
New releases of DGEE and Portable.Net are planned for the coming
weekend.  The version numbers will be 0.1.4 for DGEE and 0.5.4
for Portable.Net.  For each package, we will also publish an
md5sum which is digitally signed by the package maintainer.

Reflection.Emit can generate either an assembly on disk, or a live
one in memory that can be executed immediately and then thrown away.
Doubts about Reflection.Emit (that there might be free software
strategic reasons for not implementing it at all) are resolved, and
the corresponding objections withdrawn.  nb still would like the
user to have a way to look at the generated IL code, even in the
case when the program wants to build the IL code only in memory and
then throw it away.

Unless any objections are raised soon, DotGNU will have an RDF based
discovery system.  Namespace issues have been discussed.

On the Future of the 22.00 UTC (5pm EST) Meeting
There was a lack of critical mass of participants at the 22.00 UTC
(5pm EST) Meeting.  Developers in American timezones, this is your
meeting! :-)  Please come to the meeting this coming Saturday, or
suggest a better time+day.

Greetings, Norbert.

Founder & Steering Committee member of
Free Software Business Strategy Guide   --->
Norbert Bollow, Weidlistr.18, CH-8624 Gruet (near Zurich, Switzerland)
Tel +41 1 972 20 59        Fax +41 1 972 20 69

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