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Re: [Dragora-members] Roadmap for Dragora 3.0 -beta2?

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: Re: [Dragora-members] Roadmap for Dragora 3.0 -beta2?
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 19:40:54 -0300
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El 2020-09-08 18:31, Matias Fonzo escribió:
Hi Folks!,

Sorry for the delay with this email.  As some of you already know, a
new son was born (Federico).  Not to mention that I've been trying to
get settled in a new part of the house, I'm still on the subject of
painting and other things.  Adding to the Pandemic sometimes
complicates things.  In spite of all this, I always try to give
continuity to the project.  :-)

The baby is already 2 months old and some days, in those months I have
improved the chroot environment, because if you entered with the
x86_64 architecture for the i586 architecture bootstrap, it gave the
wrong architecture.  This was solved for the package names but not
internally, important.

I was working hard and making changes to the installer, bugs or
improvements suggested by Michael Siegel.  In Qi, we now have version
2.1 with a better interface and behavior.  :-)

Currently Dragora is moving to GCC10, there are things that don't work
or compile, so I'm trying to solve those issues, for now I've started
at 00-core.order.  Previously I have been improving Dragora's
performance and security.

Note that when I refer to increased security, it means that Dragora already has or is at now the level of security offered by commercial distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora.

On performance, currently I have been compiling the packages with the -O2 flag, but I plan to go back to -Os for size. I haven't noticed much of a difference, and I don't think there will be since the performance in Dragora was improved for the kernel side (-O2), Musl (which was optimized for performance, plus it includes a new malloc that is faster).

In the course I am replacing some unplanned things, like the libelf
library by the real elfutils.

Recently, done:


This required introducing two more packages (musl-obstack and musl-fts) to provide functions not available in Musl.

Also, I will see of introducing IWD (the Intel Wireless Daemon) to
improve connman and to offer better option for the user at the time of
connecting to Internet.

For the -beta2 you have to complete Trinity Desktop by adding a web
browser.  Seamonkey, or the libre version of this, would be fine.  If
anyone has more information (to refresh) about this, please write.

Some adjustments have to be made in the Dragora installer so that it
can search for packages, series and offer them to the user for
installation.  At the moment I think I will omit the selection of
package-by-package, since there were several changes for Qi and
package names, you have to put a lot of detail and attention, energy
to make this part go well.  I think it's more than enough that the
user is offered a complete installation, or can at least select the
series of packages, since the packages can be removed later.. at least
for now.

I would like to improve the support in Mesa, the drivers it offers
(radeonsi), which needs LLVM.  That the graphics part does not work in
a libre distribution can be a bit frustrating...

I think that updating everything and incorporating more complete
things and making the modifications mentioned and that correspond, we
can already have the -beta2.  It sounds easy, but it implies a task.
I hope everything goes well.

Also, I take this opportunity to touch on the theme of the website, I
know that Michael is preparing some important changes in the
navigation menu, but I would like to see if we can add some content,
for example, add the announcements of the releases of Qi, and start
making a FAQ.  Try to collect the questions that are asked on IRC, or
ask new general but important questions.

Any help is welcome.  :-)

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