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Re: placeholder for eev-beginner

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: placeholder for eev-beginner
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2022 11:52:57 -0300

On Fri, 8 Jul 2022 at 14:01, Quiliro Ordóñez <> wrote:
> (...)

Hi Quiliro,

I do have a way to save hyperlinks to the places where I was in the
last session, and I use it all the time - but in several aspects my
way to do that follow design decisions that are the opposite of what
you are asking for...

What you are proposing includes saving a sexp hyperlink to a file on
exit and executing sexp hyperlinks from that file "automatically" (in
some sense) when we restart Emacs.

I prefer to save those hyperlinks to the end of the file in which I
keep most of my messy notes - to ~/TODO, but above the "Local
variables:" section - so that I will see them when I start Emacs
again, and then I'll be able to choose which of those hyperlinks I
want to follow.

> In conclusion, I must make a file with the hyperlinks.  There is no way
> to recover the place that I last left the files that I have visited and
> open theme there the next time I open them.  I still have to open my
> hyperlink file fist and then go to the files from there.  Is that
> correct?
> How can I make a file with those links be modified with the data of
> point of the file which I am closing?  Then, when I open that same file,
> the link file would be consulted and it would place point on the place
> where I last left that file.  Is that possible?

Your "make a file with the hyperlinks" seems to mean "make a SEPARATE
file with the hyperlinks". Practically all the file formats that I use
that are not binary formats support sexp hyperlinks in comments, in
this sense:

so I'm used to putting sexp "everywhere"... and in most cases I use
`M-h M-h' (i.e., find-here-links) to generate a hyperlink to "here" -
I have some alternatives to `M-h M-h', but they are experimental. So
what I recommend is: try to learn how to use `M-h M-h' and refinement
to create hyperlinks to a few kinds of "here"s, starting by intros,
files, and info pages.

  Hope that helps,

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