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Re: Too new DOC file or .elc file

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Too new DOC file or .elc file
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:34:20 -0500

> The change looks like a good idea.
> Is there a reason not do to the querying and rereading inside
> get_doc_string itself?

Not really.  It's just accidental and kept the change more localized
since current get_doc_string cannot GC.

>           > make
>           C-h f fill-region
>           ..you just get garbage!!
>     The problem is that the DOC file has been changed but your
>     running Emacs doesn't know about it.
> The dumped Emacs does not refer directly to the DOC file.  Dumping
> copies the file, and the dumped Emacs refers to that copy.
> So if this really happens to you, something else must have happened.
> For instance, if you delete an Emacs executable and dump another one
> with the same version number, that will likewise update

Yes, as I mentioned, I don't want a hundred DOC-NN.NN.NN files,
so I just do "rm src/emacs-*; make" which means that my DOC-
always gets overwritten.

>       Ideally, the same thing should happen
>     in `fetch-bytecode', but it's difficult to "retry after reload"
>     in that case.
> At least it should signal a different error.

I've already changed it to mention the name of the file where the
"invalid byte code" was found, so that I don't have to guess which
file to manually reload.
I didn't change the error message because I didn't really know what
else to put there and why the current message was "invalid byte code"
in the first place.


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