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Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32

From: Guy Gascoigne-Piggford
Subject: Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:01:49 -0700
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Also IIRC my version of gnuclient uses these variables to locate emacs so that it can run it for the first time if it's not already running. Since I think that gnuclient does stuff that emacsclient doesn't (such as remote communication with emacs), I'd be a bit reluctant to break stuff that gnuclient uses.


Jason Rumney wrote:

"Lennart Borgman" <address@hidden> writes:

Until that is done I think that no value except emacs_dir should be written.
Maybe cleaning can wait.

Noone has demonstrated any case where setting these variables causes
harm, so I suggest that we just leave things as they are now. There
are definite problems that could result from your suggestion if someone
is upgrading from a sufficiently old version of Emacs (I don't know
exactly how old that is, but I think 20.4 would probably be around the

(I do not know if the other values are ever read now?)

Yes they are. All variables under the Software/GNU/Emacs key are read,
and treated as either environment variable or .xresources

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