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Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 11:29:33 +0200
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Guy Gascoigne-Piggford <address@hidden> writes:

> Well the way that gnuserve used to deal with this same issue was a) to
> have the option at build time of  unix domain sockets, internet
> sockets and SYSV messaging.

You should modify emacsclient.c so that if AF_UNIX (primary choice) is
not available, it should use TCP.  SYSV messaging is not an option

> If you used internet sockets then it would read a file, by default
> ~/gnu_secure or the like I think, and from that file read a list of IP
> addresses.  If the connecting host wasn't  listed in the file then the
> connection was refused. I seem to remember allowing to be
> automatically authorised on NT, though it wasn't by default on Unix.

If using TCP, accept and nothing else (for now).

> This looks like it deals with the security issue on a single user
> machine, but still leaves things open on a multi user one.

Right.  Stefan proposed a solution with a secret key that should be
exchanged between client and server; you would need to put that key
into a file that can only be read by the user.  

I don't think we need to do this for 21.4 -- as the fix is only used
on (mostly) single user windoze.

> Perhaps the best solution is to make server-start work in such a way
> that it can not be connected to remotely, so leave it as is on Unix
> and make the NT version use tcp restricting connections to localhost
> only.  

Yes, that's the primary task.  And it should be fairly trivial.

FYI- In emacs server (Lisp side), you can use 

 (featurep 'make-network-process '(:family local))

to check whether unix sockets are supported -- if not, fallback to
using TCP from localhost.

>        Then provide something like server-start-net that uses tcp with
> a loaded list of authorised hosts for those people who want to use it
> over their network and understand the potential problems and required
> configuration.

Indeed, there are all sorts of problems allowing external access like
that.  For 21.4 we do NOT want to address those issues!

FYI- With a TCP socket, you can use (process-contact proc :remote) to
get the ip address of the remote client; you can then compare that to
the list of accepted addresses. [proc is the client process that is
created when emacsserver accepts the connection from the client].

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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