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Re: DJGPP only dumps with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE ??

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: DJGPP only dumps with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE ??
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 13:02:30 +0100

"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Shouldn't with and without
USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE be the same at runtime?

USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE implies #undef USE_LSB_TAG. It looks like USE_LSB_TAG
does not work on DJGPP.

Aha, that is it. #undef USE_LSB_TAG also produces a working Emacs. I guess we should not use USE_LSB_TAG for DJGPP. Is it anyone else who can dump Emacs with USE_LSB_TAG? It might be dependent on different versions of djgpp.

        Jan D.

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