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Re: turn off safe-local-variable-values checking

From: Stuart D. Herring
Subject: Re: turn off safe-local-variable-values checking
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 08:04:02 -0700 (PDT)
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> I think normal-mode, when called manually, should always obey all the
> file local variables.  But what do others think?

I've been opposed to automatic file locals in the past, so I may be
biased.  But my thoughts are that normal-mode should do exactly what
find-file does automatically (so you can use it if you change the local
variables, or add a #! line, etc., without security concerns), and then if
we really want to have a "force everything", use C-u M-x normal-mode. 
(normal-mode does not currently use a prefix argument.)  Another (minor)
reason it's useful to call normal-mode without forcing all variables is
that it sets fundamental-mode if the current buffer just inherited a mode
(via default-major-mode being nil).


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