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Re: cua-mode and the tutorial

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: cua-mode and the tutorial
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 10:35:31 +0200
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Kim F. Storm wrote:
Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

    Other than that, the tutorial is quite useful even for users of CUA!
    So one approach is to just bind locally bind cua-enable-cua-keys to
    nil in the tutorial buffer and make a note like this:

      The purpose of the tutorial is to teach you the basic, standard
      Emacs key bindings.  Therefore, CUA mode's C-z C-x C-c and C-v
      bindinds have been disabled in this tutorial buffer.  [Details]

I have no objection to that.  If you think it does a good job of
dealing with CUA mode, then let's do it.

IMO, it is ok.

But we should make it offer to delete the customization
in case the user was not asked about it.

Too complex for very little benefit IMHO.

We don't know what method was used to enable CUA-mode.  It could be a
customization, but it could also be an explicit call to CUA-mode in
emacs.  So that is not trivial to do right in all cases.

In theory we could do this, but is it adequate for learning to use
Emacs with viper?  I doubt it.

Ok, I agree.  So we seem to agree that the tutorial should not start
at all if viper is enabled, but just list the differences in key bindings.

      The purpose of the tutorial is to teach you the basic, standard
      Emacs key bindings.  Therefore, some non-standard key bindinds
      have been disabled in this tutorial buffer.  [Details]

No, in general this is not a useful way to deal with the situation.


So I reject this approach in general, but I will accept it for CUA mode.


Lennart, comments?
Sorry, I have not had time to comment for some days. I have however followed the discussion. Based on this and my own thoughts I suggest the following solution for the tutorial:

1) Remove all non-default key bindings in the tutorial. I used that approach from the beginning so I have code for that.

2) If there were non-default key bindings then put a note with yellow background like in my latest tutorial.el I sent. However make this note shorter. As Kim pointed out a long note can make the first steps in the tutorial non-working.

3) From this note make a link called "Details" that shows the non-standard key bindings in a help buffer in a way similar to those in my latest tutorial.el.

4) Since there has also been some concern about telling the user how to disable CUA mode and Viper I think it will be good to put some information in the help buffer about this if anyone of those has been turned on. This could tell about customization as the best approach to turn them on/off if the user has not been using that.

What do you think about this solution?

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