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Re: cua-mode and the tutorial

From: Slawomir Nowaczyk
Subject: Re: cua-mode and the tutorial
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 12:17:19 +0200

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 05:52:19 -0400
Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

#>     1) Remove all non-default key bindings in the tutorial. I used that 
#>     approach from the beginning so I have code for that.
#> I don't like the approach of having the tutorial teach standard
#> bindings in an Emacs where they won't work.

Well, the right solution would, then, be to have tutorial talk about key
bindings that are determined dynamically, so they match whatever works
in a particular Emacs installation. Which is a problem ATM, because,
IIRC, there is no way to specify which key binding is a "preferred" one
for a given command -- and it seems that "dynamic tutorial" would need
to know this.

We might even have a special, human-adapted versions of the tutorial for
things which are vastly different than normal, like viper and maybe also

But that is after the release, I suppose. For now, maybe Lennart's
suggestion is good enough?

 Best wishes,
   Slawomir Nowaczyk
     ( address@hidden )

Make backups before you try something new or interesting or experimental
or radical or if the day has a "y" in it.

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