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`Q' in Dired - be able to skip the rest of one file and move on to the n

From: Drew Adams
Subject: `Q' in Dired - be able to skip the rest of one file and move on to the next
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 23:34:14 -0800

Let me know if I'm overlooking something, but AFAIK:

`Q' in Dired just runs query-replace-regexp over the marked files. In
effect, it treats all of those files together as one big file. That means,
for instance, that you cannot use it to easily confirm a couple changes in
one file and then skip the other occurrences in that file, move on to the
next file, and so on.

AFAICT, you must always visit each occurrence in one file before moving on
to the next file. (Or else you can of course quit altogether, unmark the
file you're through with, and then hit `Q' again.)

Is this correct? If so, what do you use for this? I used to use `Q' quite a
lot, but it's been a while. I guess I'm so used to Icicles that I've gotten
spoiled. (In Icicles, you can directly access search hits that you might
want to replace, without going through them in order, and you can remove
selected hits from consideration, including all those remaining for a given

What about adding something to `Q' that lets you move on to the next file,
without quitting query-replacing altogether?

I suggested a while back that you be able to do replacement using `grep'
output, and IIRC Kim implemented that, so I guess that using that feature
together with `grep-find' would provide something like what I'm suggesting,
but it would still be good to be able to do it from within `Q'.

I'm surprised that this isn't already available (if it isn't), since it
seems like a natural extension of query-replace to multiple files: You can
skip the rest of a normal query-replace, so you should be able to skip q-r
for the rest of a file, but without quitting q-r altogether.

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