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Re: What a modern collaboration toolkit looks like

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: What a modern collaboration toolkit looks like
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 18:54:35 +1300

 > > If you are offering to write code to do some of these tasks that's great.
 > >  If not, then the danger of making the discussion so general is that it
 > >  detracts from the specific proposals and nothing gets done.  I think the
 > >  priority must be first to use a modern bug tracker and VCS for Emacs
 > >  development.  Integrating these and other features into Emacs are more
 > >  substantial tasks that can be done when volunteers are found.
 > It's good to have priorities.
 > My point was simply that an IDE is (often) more than a disparate collection
 > of utilities. 

If that was your point then perhaps you should start a new thread.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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