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RE: Rename `mini-' options

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Rename `mini-' options
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 17:21:01 -0700

> Unless I had read your post I never would have guessed
> `resize-mini-windows' deals with the minibuffer at all.
> resize-mini-windows is a variable defined in `C source code'.
> Its value is grow-only
> Documentation:
> *How to resize mini-windows.
> A value of nil means don't automatically resize mini-windows.
> A value of t means resize them to fit the text displayed in them.
> A value of `grow-only', the default, means let mini-windows grow
> only, until their display becomes empty, at which point the windows
> go back to their normal size.
> This is the first time I encounter something called "mini-windows",
> but it seems to me, after having read the documentation for the
> variable, that the minibuffer is an instance of them? Are there any
> other mini-windows or is this just very poorly documented?

Just poorly named and poorly documented. What is meant is the (active)
minibuffer window.

There can be more than one minibuffer window, but only one is active at any

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