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RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 13:26:21 -0800

> > I thought that e would be a useful command
> > back when I supposed info files would be written by hand.
> > But we don't do that, so e is not useful and maybe only 
> > causes trouble.
> There is more trouble when this obsolete feature

Since when is it obsolete?

> is announced in the customization group `info' via its
> customizable variable `Info-enable-edit'.  It would be
> better to hide it from the Customization interface by
> changing `defcustom' to `defvar':

Why?  What if someone wants to create a small Info file and doesn't want to
bother with texinfo or doesn't have the conversion/make tools handy?

Why does it hurt for this to be a defcustom?  Just leave the default value as

What's more, this is an entirely different question from the one raised by this
thread, which is about the `e' binding.

It should be enough that the binding of `e' is changed to `end-of-buffer' and
the option value remains nil by default.

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