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RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 15:27:01 -0800

> > For example, it might be decided to announce the 
> > deprecation of this option in 24.1, and then make it
> > obsolete in 24.2 (since Emacs point releases are
> > relatively major).
> The Info-edit feature is already deprecated in 23.1.
> And paradoxically, the person who deprecated this
> feature is you, Drew.
> When your Info-breadcrumbs code was added to info.el, it 
> broke Info-edit because the added breadcrumbs line is
> saved to Info files after editing.  But nobody complained
> about this breakage since nobody uses it ;-)

You're still missing the point, Juri.  What I said about obsolescence wrt
official announcement holds for deprecation as well.  Something is neither made
obsolete nor deprecated just because it is broken or no one uses it.

There are thousands of things in Emacs that one might find no one uses, and
plenty of things that are broken (we do have a non-negligible list of
outstanding bugs).  Neither means that such things are deprecated.

Typically, deprecation involves an official announcement.  It constitutes a
heads-up to users so that they can think about moving away from it.  It is fair
warning that in an upcoming release the feature might be (or will be, depending
on the deprecation notice) made obsolete, e.g., desupported.

I find nothing in the Emacs 23.1, or 23.2, or 23.3 NEWS about `Info-edit', in
particular, no deprecation notice.  Unless such a notice appeared somewhere else
that I haven't found, `Info-edit' was not deprecated in 23.1, even if 23.1
happened to break it (whether by breadcrumbs or some other way).

The fact that this feature might have been broken (whenever), and the fact that
perhaps no one used it (whenever), have nothing to do with the non-fact that it
was deprecated (whenever).

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