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RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 17:08:02 -0800

> > I find nothing in the Emacs 23.1, or 23.2, or 23.3 NEWS 
> > about `Info-edit', in particular, no deprecation notice.
> > Unless such a notice appeared somewhere else
> > that I haven't found, `Info-edit' was not deprecated in 
> > 23.1, even if 23.1 happened to break it (whether by
> > breadcrumbs or some other way).
> There are two ways to make a feature legally obsolete: `de 
> jure' and `de facto'.
> De facto it's already obsolete since 23.1,

Nope; it's not.  Just because a bug exists does not mean that something is
obsolete, de jure, de facto, or de lusion.

And the particular bug you point to is apparently an incompatibility between two
features (breadcrumbs and `Info-edit').  That could be fixed any number of ways,
none of which need amount to the abandonment of either feature.

> and now you propose to declare this fact de jure.

Again, you are putting words in my mouth.  I proposed nothing of the kind.

> I agree that we could do this now by adding a 
> deprecation notice.

You agree with yourself. ;-)

Wrt breadcrumbs, you yourself pointed to several problems other than the one you
would now use as a reason to deprecate `Info-edit' (bugs #1447, #5809, #5998).

By your logic and using your terms, breadcrumbs have been obsolete, de facto,
from their inception.  The saving of inserted text, as you have pointed out,
breaks more than `Info-edit', so it certainly should not by itself be an
argument for making the latter obsolete.

You already proposed disabling breadcrumbs (for 23.2) because of such problems.
And you proposed multiple different solutions for those bugs, including changes
to the display engine, redesigning header lines, and designing "a new window
infrastructure that supports window groups" - fixes of varying complexity.

And I offered a patch that uses the mode line for breadcrumbs as an alternative,
with none of the problems of breadcrumbs in the body text or header.  (No one
tried, or commented on, the patch I sent.)

And in my own code I offer users that alternative (breadcrumbs in header/text or
in mode line, or both), with a quick toggle for mode-line display.

Pointing to bugs for Info breadcrumbs as a reason why `Info-edit' has supposedly
been obsolete de jure since Emacs 23.1 is a little much, especially since those
same bugs cause problems beyond `Info-edit'.  It is a red herring de facto, in

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