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Re: How to restore the layout?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: How to restore the layout?
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 08:48:01 +0200

> I still don't see much use for desktop-restore-frame-positions. On one
> hand, if you s&r in the same display (which I naïvely assume is the
> most common use case), positions and sizes are preserved and removing
> that info to let the window manager do its thing is a bit strange,
> and, as discussed before, it could fail for some frame configurations
> with small windows.

Agreed.  That would be the default and most users won't care about such
an option.

> On the other hand, if you restore in a different
> display, or a different monitor size, that's a problem that we should
> try to solve, even if only partially, regardless of any user option
> setting...

Agreed as well.  But the options here could be to (1) just fail
restoring frames when they cannot be restored accurately, (2) try to
move them into the visible part of the screen (workarea), and (3) leave
the decision where to place them to the window manager making only sure
that they are large enough.  And we could start doing this after we get
the first bug report in this area (this means, hopefully, never).

> desktop-restore-frame-displays makes more sense because
> there are already users who prefer it that way (like Stefan).



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